About Us


JATI FURNITURE is a family own and managed business, we have been in the decoration business for more than 20 years in which we have managed to gather a complete line of eco friendly furniture and accessories made from natural renewable materials. JATI FURNITURE specializes in providing unique and high quality furniture at affordable prices and our goal is to supply excellent value to our customers. JATI is a exclusive importer and distributor for our lines of products in several markets. Our lines of products are sold in USA, Central America, South America, Asia and Europe.

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Our products are always made quite carefully and have gone through very tight quality control. We have hand picked our suppliers that follow strict standards to ensure that you will get great value for your money. We oversee the entire process from design through production and pass the value on to you, our highly valued customer.

Our products are thoroughly handmade by talented craftsmen who lovingly pay great attention to each and every detail. Great care goes into choosing the finest materials, preparation, hand-shaping, sanding, weaving and finishing, creating each piece into a masterpiece. Every piece is made from the highest-grade raw materials and worked upon by our craftsmen with years of experience. Therefore they produce beautiful, strong and lasting pieces.




Our Corporate office is located in Florida, USA including a 10,000 SQF showroom & warehouse with more than 5 containers in stock for immediate delivery. All of our retail and most of our wholesale sales are shipped from this warehouse/showroom. Special orders, custom made orders and container orders can be shipped directly from our factories overseas.